Virtual Service Management Mobile Apps für iOS und Android

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps provide a quick and simple way to monitor your infrastructure, service tickets and device notifications. The mobile version of Virtual Service Management is available for iOS and Android.



Stay on top of things with push notification sent to your smartphone app.

Virtual Service Management offers a whole set of push notification. Get notified if device errors or warnings occur as well as state changes on service tickets.


QR-Code for components and service tickets are generated automatically by Virtual Service Management. You are able to export and print QR-Codes in various formats, pre configured for label printers. By scanning QR-Code with our mobile app, you will be able to:


  • view information about latest service and repair processes
  • download attached files, photos, documents and datasheets
  • live editing specific data attributes such as run time, contamination
  • highlight devices for later configuration on different clients
  • add actions to new or existing service tickets
QR-Codes für Komponenten und Servicetickets


  • Scan QR-Codes with your camera
  • Clear presentation of your device infrastructure 
  • Manage service tickets and add actions to notify your customers


  • Upload existing files, images
  • Secure login process
  • Receive push notifications